Tuesday, February 25, 2020

A 'resurrection'

Not so much de-stashing, as resurrecting a quilt started in 1994!! It’s a ‘round robin’ quilt, created during my very early years after joining a group known as the Blue Mountains Quilters (I think so then). We each started by creating a strip 28 to 30 inches long by between 4 to 6 inches wide using our own choice of block style and colours. I feel very fortunate to have been introduced to this lovely group of women by my quilting friend Sue Wademan - who later took me the next step into creative textile quilting.

The original strip created by each woman was then passed it on to the next woman, who did not know who had made the original as they added another of their own creation to blend with the original strip. And so it grew as the other women added strips, until each person had completed a strip for the others in the group – twelve in all, adding to either end, strip by strip. No one was allowed to see her quilt until each woman had added her strip, which naturally aroused a lot of curiosity and excitement as the time drew near for the revelations. 

This is my finished quilt, backed and bound from the collection of strips, starting with the pale green and pink snail-trail block in the centre. I found it interesting that mine started as a pale strip that concluded with quite dark strips at the bottom - lovely variations of blocks too.

 I added some lavender to the  the side to widen it so it can be used as a throw. Finally it has found its place and usefulness after too many years folded in a box waiting to be resurrected!

You can imagine the amazing variety of quilts that were created! Some of them are being shown off on the balcony here, at one of our group weekends spent together in the Southern Highlands.

Here are some details of the finished quilt, including the beautiful way it was packaged up to hand over to me by expert long-arm machine quilter, Kerrin Yelland of Tanglewood Quilting, and some of the blocks used. The overall quilting pattern is of alternating circle within square and square within a circle - creating a wonderful flow-on effect.