Thursday, August 20, 2015

Where to from here?

Fabrics thought suitable for the Universe quilt had been pulled out of my stash many moons ago and stored in a tub. With a nearly 5 months hiatus, which included surgery and radiotherapy for breast cancer, I'm back on track! At this time of Imbolc, as we head towards the Easter Equinox, I have taken them out into the light to start to choose those to include, and those to put aside. The hand-dyes are my favourites, and have been collected over many years. I also like the contrast with the printed commercial cottons. It's a delicate situation, and I'm feeling very tentative, but I'll trust the process and get started on the fabrics. The drawing has been transferred to butcher's paper, from which I will cut template shapes to guide cutting the materials. It's only then that I will be able to play around and make decisions about the basic background colours. Is there any 'background' in/to the Universe; seems to me that the design I've drawn would look just as well upside-down... or on its side...

At the moment I'm thinking to hold off with the pink tonals, and work with the purples and blues. The only way to know is to start cutting!