Thursday, November 1, 2018

Latest quilting 'adventures' - win one!

It has been quite some time since posting here...(bloody) shingles hit me hard, and so have been out of reach for nearly 3 months - and definitely not able to do any creative stitching. My left shoulder and arm have been quite incapacitated, with lots of pain. Incapacitating mentally too, but coming out of it now I hope. 

Two years ago, when first diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic melanoma, I met with a wonderful woman who is part of the CanAssist Blue Mountains Branch (1300 226 277). It is a group that helps financially those affected by a cancer diagnosis - and I have been very grateful for their help during the early stages of going off paid work, while going on to an Age Pension and immunotherapy treatment. They will be raffling a small quilt of mine, called "Garden trellis" to raise funds for their supportive work. I'm not sure when that is happening, or how to get tickets, but I can keep you posted, and for the locals, it will be advertised the the Blue Mountains Gazette. Here is the wall-hanging (using attic windows design). It's all cotton, machine pieced and free-machine quilted (90 x 100cms).

And, almost simultaneously, another of my quilts purchased by Glenys Livingstone and Taffy Seaborne has been very generously donated to the Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group to raise funds for those refugees who are making a new life in our beautiful Blue Mountains. It is the "Beltane Fires" quilt (110 x 125cms), a triptych depicting a full moon rising over the escarpment cliffs of the Blue Mountains, where the setting sun's energy lights up the rock face. It celebrates nature's coming into the fullness of spring and summer. - a celebration of the bountiful beauty of nature, and feeling of being blessed to be living in this fragile, wilderness environment.

Made from hand-dyed cottons, the quilt can be seen here (though darker colours are not really accurate - much brighter) or on my website, along with other seasonal art quilts for sale:

The refugee support group can be contacted on; or inquiries to George Winston, the fundraiser directly on

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