Sunday, January 19, 2020

De-stashing - then finding a use!

In another attempt to de-stash over the past month, I found some wonderful furnishing fabrics, samples I’d obtained very early on in my foray into quilting from a local quilter in Katoomba. I used some of them to make cushion covers that I still love. But as I made the moves to put them into a box to recycle to my favourite Op Shop for Cancer Support, I looked again, and thought again, and they are now in the process of being made into a table-runner and a small tablecloth. Surely this is what patch working is about; using all your old scraps in a creatively useful way. I have always thought that this is what underpins all art – especially indigenous art… but that is another very big question…to pull art back onto the rails of function and use over the market manipulations, choices and demands… can’t go there right now!

The fabrics have an Italianate feel of the Baroque period, cut, mixed and matched with what was left over. Not everyone will like them, but I love the richness and flamboyance, and feel it would be nice to see on a table festooned with delicious food. These are the samples:

Finished articles are on their way very soon!

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