Friday, June 28, 2019

Final manifestation: the Maningrida lap quilt

Seems ridiculous, but it was quite difficult deciding how to finish off the borders for this little quilt, measuring a metre by a metre – whether to extend it, by add more fabric, or just use the seeded homespun that was already there. I decided on the latter as the most straightforward, in spite of the edges being a bit ‘wavy’ and lines not being totally straight… nevertheless, here it is... completed!

Next project is to put back together one in the “backyard” series (will be 40x40cms – I think). Unsatisfied with the composition, it was picked apart and put away in a shoebox, to be taken up again at some other time. It was originally inspired by the many hanging swamps in the Blue Mountains, and has now morphed into the site of the Glenbrook Lagoon, one of my favourite places to visit for its tranquillity and beauty. Still wondering how to deal in fabric with the huge bunches of water reeds that surround this natural water hole. And in case you are wondering, that strip of blue at the bottom is a strip from a poster of Fred Williams’ work called “Infinite horizons” – so love his work.

More to come!!!

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