Saturday, June 8, 2019

The Maningrida story - almost finished!

I am very excited that my little Maningrida quilt is back home, now beautifully quilted by Kerren Yelland of Tangelwood Quilting[1] on her long-arm frame. It’s not quite finished off – still have the borders to attach – but nearly there! I need to buy some more seeded cotton to attach the borders, so a trip to Katoomba is on the agenda for next week. I have written about the fabrics, design and metamorphoses this little quilt has been through in a previous post (February). Here I want to highlight the wonderful quilting… large spirals overall, and smaller ones along the top and bottom borders. The way my quilt was returned to me to was like receiving a surprise package, gift-wrapped in her own hallmarked tissue paper. Kerren is a true professional!

In the meantime, the Uluru quilt (see last post) has taken quilt a lot of measuring and manoeuvring to get it to the point of final quilting. It has been left in Kerren’s capable hands.


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