Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Universe quilt unfolding

While thinking about Jan’s quilt I have realized that the Universe story has featured in many of my previous quilts. Here is one, which I titled ‘Harvest moon over the blue planet’. Though the colour representation is not very good in this image (taken on my phone tonight – I do have slides, but they need converting – my website has a good image), I’m putting it up to be inspired! Next blog will have some drawings, thinking about for the overall design.

This is the quotation inscribed on the back of the quilt in the previous post, which inspired its name:
“That which blossomed forth as cosmic egg 15 billion years ago now blossoms forth as oneself, as one’s family, as one’s community of living beings, as our blue planet, as our ocean galaxy clusters. The same fecund source – then and now.” 

(Brianne Swimme, 1996, p.111, “The hidden heart of the cosmos”, Orbis: NY.)

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